International COOPERATION

The CEE has established strong collaborative relationships with more than 30 high-level universities and research institutes from the United States of America (U.S.A.), the United Kingdom (UK), Denmark, Netherlands, Finland, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Japan and Korea. Undergraduate Exchange Program, Joint Education Programs of graduate students, and scientific collaborations advanced smoothly with University of Cambridge, University of Reading, University College London, Rutgers University, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, University of Melbourne, University of Sydney. and University of Hong Kong.

HE Qiang Professor, PhD Dean of CEE, Chongqing University

    The College of Environment and Ecology (CEE) is a newly formed college, but its departments all have their proud histories with the oldest one founded in 1956, derived from the Department of Sanitary Engineering at Chongqing Institute of Architecture and Engineering (CIAE).

    The CEE is privileged to be a hub of research and education in environment and ecology. We have wide and strong networks with world-leading scholars and industry professionals who engage with us in knowledge exchange activities, including collaborative research and direct industrial and government contract research internationally and domestically. We have growing awareness to protect the global environment as responsible citizens. This awareness bolsters our efforts in achieving the goals of enhancing our graduates’ employability as well as the international impact of our research. Together with the interdisciplinary platform, this makes the CEE an exciting and meaningful place to be in. Do come and join hands with us. We are looking forward to providing you something relevant!



    HE Qiang

    Professor, PhD

    Dean of CEE, Chongqing University

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