Academic Disciplines

After nearly 70 years' development, the CEE has become a hub of research and education in the fields of environment and ecology. It has obtained prominent reputation in its remarkable development in its two 1st-lelvel academic disciplines: Environment Science and Engineering, Ecology. According to the latest published Clarivate Analytics (The original Thomson Reuters) Essential Science Indicators, the ESI discipline ranking of Environmental Science/ Ecology at Chongqing University is listed among Top 1% in the world.

Although the CEE staff have wide scientific interests in environmental and ecological fields, more effort will be concentrated on some special aspects emphasizing the interdisciplinary cooperation in our next decade, in consideration of the demand of the Country and the location of CEE on upstream of Yangtze River.


1. The three distinctive disciplinary directions:

  The eco-environmental effects of runoff generating process in upstream regions of the Yangtze River at varying conditions

  The evolution process, mechanisms and cumulative effects of aquatic eco-environment in reservoirs

  Pollutant control and water environment quality guarantee of mountainous cities


2. The three emerging interdisciplinary directions:

  Eco-environmental effects and regulation of hydraulic works

  Ecosystem of freshwater islands

  Intelligent eco-environmental technologies


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