Research with Impact

Committed to excellence and impact, we provide an environment where our academics and postgraduate researchers can excel and develop knowledge and understanding to   build the societies of the future. Research is one of the founding blocks of our mission to advance knowledge and transform lives. In recent years, the CEE has undertaken more than 30 National Major Science and Technology Special Projects, National Key R&D projects, National Science and Technology Support Projects, National Defense 863 Key Projects, more than 100 national level projects such as National Natural Science Foundation of China, more than 100 provincial and ministerial level science and technology projects. The contract amount per annum were approximately $40 million (RMB). The CEE has won more than 10 provincial and ministerial  scientific and technological achievements awards, and has published more than 1000 high-level journal papers, including more than 700 SCI papers. More than 100 invention patents have been authorized. 

Certificate of National and Provincial Level Awards

Representative awards earned by CEE staff

Project PI Award & Level
1 Research and  application of key technologies for urban water pollution control of Three Gorges Reservoir HE Qiang 2017 Huaxia Construction Science and Technology;Grand Prize;
2 Study on the coagulant and new deep oxidation method for high efficiency water treatment ZHENG Huaili 2017 Chongqing Natural Science;First Prize;
3 Research and application of low impact development control and treatment technology of runoff pollution in Mountainous Cities CHAI Hongxiang 2018 Chongqing Science and Technology Progress;First Prize;
4 Research and application of high performance inorganic polymer water treatment coagulants ZHENG Huaili 2016 Chongqing Science and Technology Progress;First Prize;
5 Identification, integration and demonstration of economic applicable technology for environmental infrastructure in small towns in Western China HeQiang 2009 Huaxia Construction Science and Technology;First Prize;
6 Study on health effect, pollution process and removal process of PTS in water of Three Gorges Reservoir area and Chongqing City GUO Jingsong 2017 Science and technology award of Chinese Preventive Medicine Association; First Prize;
7 Combined wastewater treatment and resource technology and industrialization in mountainous towns CHAI Hongxiang 2018 China industry university research cooperation innovation achievement;First Prize

Representative projects conducted by CEE staff

Project PI Project Type Fund (million RMB)
1 Research and Comprehensive Demonstration of Urban Water Pollution Control and Treatment Technology in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area HE Qiang Major project 67.00
2 Research and development of key technologies for environmental monitoring and restoration in rural communities GUO Jingsong Key R&D project 34.64
3 Integration and application of water cycle evolution mechanism and water security technology in the Three Gorges reservoir area CHAI Hongxiang Key R&D project 14.61
4 Research and Demonstration of Common Technology of Drinking Water Safety and Security in Mountainous and Hilly Cities JIANG Shaojie Major Sub-project 31.48
5 Research and demonstration of secondary tributary pollution load reduction technology GUO Jingsong Major Sub-project 14.55
6 Research and demonstration of non-point source pollution control and stormwater management technology in mountainous cities CHAI Hongxiang Major Sub-project 3.30
7 Research on Construction Method and Common Technology of Rural Toilet System JI Fangying Key R&D Sub-project 5.46
8 Effectiveness evaluation method and benchmark index system of public building water supply system under different water supply modes CUI Fuyi Key R&D Sub-project 4.27

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