Key Laboratory2

The Chongqing key laboratory is based on CEE at CQU, aiming to conduct continuous and in-depth study on evolution and development of the ecological environment in the three gorges project construction and operation period, the ecological environment comprehensive control theory of the regularity and reservoir area and key technology as well as the prospective problems in the field of ecological environment, in order to ensure the long-term, safe and stable operation of the Three Gorges Reservoir. The outcomes may provide important scientific basis and technical support for the three gorges reservoir area of environmental protection and ecological construction practice.

The lab has two main research direction as follows:

1. Theory and technology of water Environmental Quality security in the TGRA

§  Water quality evolution law and water quality guarantee theory;

§  Under the condition of water environment carrying capacity and under the guidance of water quality assurance theory, pollution control covers urban pipe network, sewage treatment, urban non-point source pollution control and water environment ecological restoration.

2. Urban ecosystem and built environment in the TGRA

§  The ecological theoretical basis, ecological regulation and control method and ecological construction practice of the sustainable development of cities and towns in the TGRA;

§  The quality assurance system and technology of built environment and the theory and practice of ecological architecture design in the process of urbanization of reservoir area;

§  The theory and technology of solid waste reclamation in reservoir area.


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