Analytical and Testing Center of CEE

The analytical and testing center of CEE (CEEATC) is located in the Experimental Research Center of Municipal and Environmental Engineering with over 200 square meters of space. It has nearly 40 sets of high performance instruments valued over 10 million RMB, including: HPLC-MS,GC-MS, IC and MS analysis instruments, nanometer particle size and Zeta potential analyzer, AFS, FS, FTIS and other spectral analyzer; TOC analyzer, microscope, sample pretreatment equipment and other general instruments and equipment. The CEEATC helps the trace organic pollutant analysis, conventional pollutant analysis and environmental quality detection, environmental microbial detection and functional analysis, environmental and pharmaceutical material properties characterizing, etc.

The instruments and equipment of CEEATC are open to clients from the CEE, CQU and outside of CQU. Services of instrument and equipment using, contract tests, personnel training, method development and research support, etc.

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Analytical Instruments of CEEATC

High Performance Liquid Chromatography - Single Quadrupole mass   spectrometer

1260B-G6125B (Agilent )



Column capacity: 4

Column ID reader option: Optional

Flow range: 0.05 to 5 mL/min with G7112B;   0.2 to 10 mL/min with G7110B, G7111A, G7111B

Injection range: 0.1-100 µL

Pressure operating range: up to 600 bar


IDL sensitivity: 1 pg Reserpine   on-column, S/N>75:1

Ion source: ESI

Mass range: m/z 2-2000

Scan speed: 10400 Da/s



High Performance Liquid Chromatography (Waters)

Waters 2695


Column capacity: 3

Flow range: 0.050-5.000 ml/min

Flow accuracy: ≤0.075%   RSD

Delay volume: <650 μL

Maximum operating pressure: 34.5 Mpa

Injection range: 0.1-2000 µL

Injection accuracy: ≤0.5% RSD


High Performance Liquid Chromatography

Chromaster 5410 (Hitachi)


System pressure operating range: up to   400 bar

Temperature control range of 5210 Autosampler:   1-45 °C

Temperature range of 5310 Column oven:   1-85 °C

Sensitivity of 5410 UV detector: ≤0.5x10-5AU



Ion Chromatography

ICS-600 (Thermo, Dionex)


Common anions and cations: K+,   Na+, Mg2+, NH4+, NO3-,   NO2-, PO43-, Br-, Cl-,   F-, etc.

concentration range: 0.05-5000mg/L

Sampling mode: auto injection (50   samples)

Detection limit: 0.025 ppb

Detection accuracy: ±2%


Gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer

GCMS-QP2020 (Shimadzu)



Maximum achievable temp. ramp rate: 120   °C/min

Temp. control accuracy: 0.01 °C

Pressure range: 0-1035 kPa


Sensitivity (EI Scan): 1 pg   octafluoronaphthalene, S/N>1500 (rms)

Resolution: ≥ 2M(FWHM)

Maximum scanning speed: 12500 u/s

Frequency of sample: up to 100Hz

Retention time repeatability: 0.001 min



Gas chromatography

GC-2010plus (Shimadzu)


Operating temperature range: Ambient   temperature +4 to 450 °C (With CO2
   cryogenic cooling: –50 to 450 °C)

Temperature set point resolution: 0.1 °C

Achievable temperature ramp rate: 120   °C/min


FID (Minimum detectable level (for   tridecane): <1.2 pg C/s) 

TCD (Minimum detectable level: 400 pg   tridecane/mL with He carrier.

 Maximum temperature: 400 °C

NPD (Minimum detectable level (for   azobenzene): 0.1 pg N/s




Nano-particle size / Zetapotential analyzer—Zetasizer Nano ZS90   (Malven)



Particle size

ZETA potential

molecular mass

Measurement range



9,800Da-20M Da

Min. sample vol.

20 μL

750 μL

20 μL

Detection accuracy





10mg/mL Lysozyme

10mg/mL BSA




Total organic carbon analyzer—TOC-L CPH (Shimadzu)


Measurement range: TC: 4μg/L-30,000mg/L,   IC: 4μg/L- 35,000mg/L,

                   TN: 5μg/L-10,000mg/L

Detection Limit: 4μg/L (TC: 50μg/L, IC:   4μg/L)

Measuring accuracy:  CV≤1.5%

Injection volume: 10 - 2000 μL

Autosampler: 24 mL sample bottle, ≥90

Atomic absorption spectrophotometer—TAS-990F (Persee)


Wavelength range: 190-900nm

Wavelength accuracy: ±0.25 nm

Spectral bandwidth: 0.1, 0.2, 0.4, 1.0,   2.0 nm

Detection limit (Cu): 0.006 μg/mL

Detection sensitivity (Cu): 2μg/mL

Reproducibility (Cu): RSD≤1%


Fluorospectrophotometer—F-7000 (Hitachi)


Minimum sample volume:  0.6mL

Optical source: 150W Xenon lamp

Measurement wavelength range: 200-700nm

Resolution: 1.0nm

Wavelength scan speed: 30, 60, 240, 1200,   2400, 12000, 30000, 60000nm/min


Fourier transform infrared spectrometer—IRPrestige-21 (Shimadzu)


Resolution: 0.5, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 cm-1   (mid-infrared); 2, 4, 8, 16 cm-1 (near infrared);

Wavenumber region: 7800-350cm-1

Wavenumber resolution: 0.5cm-1

S/N:  > 40000:1 ( 4 cm-1,   1 min;  2100 cm-1, P-P)

Asana microscope—SZX16 (Olympus)


Optical system:

Galilean optical system

Multiplication ratio:


Observation tube:

SZX2-TR30 tri ocular tube


0.3x/0.5x/0.8x/1x /1.6x/2x


10×(F.N.22),  15 x (F.N. 16), 20 x   (F.N. 12.5),  30 x (F.N. 7)

Inverted fluorescence microscope—IX71-12FL/PH-DP70 (Olympus)


Ultra-long working distance condenser: N.A.0.3W.D.73mm

Flat field objectives: cpl10xph,   lcah20xph, lcah40xph, lcplfl60xph

Camera and imaging software: DP70

Fluorescence observation: equipped with   ultraviolet, blue, and green excitation


Ultraviolet-visible   spectrophotometer

Electrochemical   workstation

U-3010   (Hitachi)

PGSTAT128N   (ECD) (Metrohm)

Automatic   solid phase extraction instrument

Vacuum   freeze drier

SPE-03-01   (Braun)

LGJ-10   (Shanghai Yuming)

Low   temperature ultrasonic extractor

Microwave   Digestion instrument

DS-2008   (Shanghai Doosi)

MD6C-8H   (Beijing Michen)

Portable   photosynthesis system

Acoustic   Doppler flow profiler

LI-6400XT   (LI-COR)

RiverSurveyor   M9 (SonTek)

Multi-parameter   water quality detector

On-line   dissolved oxygen meter


AV38/RD6A43   (Thermo Fisher)



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