Teacher Introduce


Wei Ding

Birth Date

April, 1990

Technical Position

The College of Environment and Ecology,   Lecturer

Administrative Rank



Postal Address

The College of   Environment and Ecology, Chongqing University

1.      Research Direction

Water purification and water pollution control   technologyAdvanced oxidation processesenhanced coagulation technology, etc.

2.      Social part-time jobs, domestic and   foreign academic organizations


3.      Education and work experience

Education experience

[1] 2012.09-2018.06,   Environmental Science, Wuhan University, PhD;

[2] 2008.09-2012.06,   Environmental Science, Wuhan University, Bachelor

Work experience

[1] 2021.07-up to now, The College of Environment   and Ecology, Chongqing University, Lecturer;

[2] 2018.12-2021.07, The College of Environment and Ecology, Chongqing   University, Post Doctorate (Research Assistant);

[3] 2018.08-2018.10Chongqing Country Garden Real   Estate Development Co. LTD, Senior Manager of Engineering Department

4.      Science Research Project

Projects in the   past five years (host):

[1]   Electrochemical reaction of inorganic iron-arsenic complexes and its   contribution to removal of  As(III), National Natural Science Foundation of   China (No. 21906012), 2020.01-2022.12.

[2] Process and mechanism   of pollutant removal in Fe-electrocoagulation/sulfite system, National   Postdoctoral Program for Innovative Talents (No. BX20190047), 2019.06-2021.06.

[3] Process and mechanism   of pollutants degradation in magnetic nanomaterial-sulfite system, China   Postdoctoral Science Foundation (No. 2019M653340), 2019.05-2021.05.

[4] Efficiency and   mechanism of the degradation of organic pollutants by copper-based materials,   Natural Science Foundation of Chongqing, China (No. cstc2019jcyj-bsh0034), 2019.11-2021.10.

Projects in the   past five years (participation):

[1] The   formation and photochemical reaction of inorganic copper-arsenic complexes   and its effect on the transformation of arsenic and copper, National Natural   Science Foundation of China (No. 21777125), 2018.01-2021.12.

5.      Achievements

In the past five years, more   than 20 paper has been published in mainstream international journals, such   as Water Research (IF 11.236), Chemical Engineering Journal (IF 13.273),   Journal of Hazardous Materials (10.588), Journal of Cleaner Production (IF   9.297) etc.

[1] Wei, Ding; Xinyuan Wan;   Huaili Zheng*; Yuyang Wu; Salam Muhammad, Sulfite-assisted   oxidation/adsorption coupled with a TiO2 supported CuO composite   for rapid arsenic removal: Performance and mechanistic studies, Journal of Hazardous   Materials, 2021, 413: 125449. (SCI)

[2] Yanyan   An; Mengxin Han; Huaili Zheng*; Wei Ding*; Qiang   Sun; Chao Hu;, Liushi Zheng, Hollow structured copper-loaded self-floating   catalyst in sulfite-induced oxidation of arsenic(III) at neutral pH: Kinetics   and mechanisms investigation, Chemical Engineering Journal, 2021, 407:   127193. (SCI)

[3] Wei Ding; Huaili   Zheng*; Yongjun Sun; Zhiwei Zhao; Xinyu Zheng; Yuyang Wu; Weilong Xiao,   Activation of MnFe2O4 by sulfite for fast and efficient   removal of arsenic (III) at circumneutral pH: Involvement of Mn(III), Journal of Hazardous   Materials, 2021, 403: 123623. (SCI)

[4] Wei Ding; Hui   Tong; Dan Zhao; Huaili Zheng; Chengshuai Liu*; Jinjun Li; Feng Wu*, A novel   removal strategy for copper and arsenic by photooxidation coupled with   coprecipitation: Performance and mechanism, Chemical Engineering   Journal, 2020, 401: 126102. (SCI)

[5] Wei Ding;   Weilong Xiao; Huaili Zheng*; Shixin Zhang; Hongxia Liu; Yanyan An; Rui Zhao,   Electro-assisted sulfite activation by a silica supported cobalt catalyst for   the degradation of organic pollutants in near-neutral pH condition, Chemical Engineering Journal, 2020, 402:   126168. (SCI)

[6] Wei Ding*;   Weilong Xiao; Wenxuan Huang; Qiang Sun; Huaili Zheng*, Sulfite activation on   a silica-supported well-dispersed cobalt catalyst via an electron transfer   complex path, Journal of Cleaner Production, 2020, 257:   120457. (SCI)

[7] Wei Ding;   Xingyun Huang; Weidong Zhang; Feng Wu*; Jinjun Li*, Sulfite activation by a   low-leaching silica-supported copper catalyst for oxidation of As(III) in   water at circumneutral pH, Chemical Engineering Journal, 2019, 359:   1518-1526. (SCI)

[8] Wei Ding; Jing   Xu; Tao Chen; Chengshuai, Liu*; Jinjun Li; Feng Wu*, Co-oxidation of As(III)   and Fe(II) by oxygen through complexation between As(III) and Fe(II)/Fe(III)   species, Water Research, 2018, 143,   599-607. (SCI)

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