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PhD, Professor

Office: 409 at Environment Hall





  2012 – 2015: PhD in Environmental Science and Management, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA.

  2008 – 2011: M.S. in Natural Resources Science and Management, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, USA.

  2004 – 2008: B.S. in Environmental Science, Sichuan University, Chengdu, China.


Research Description


Dr. Yang is a professor at the Department of Environmental and Ecological Engineering. His research spans a wide range of topics around sustainable systems development and climate change mitigation and adaptation. A main area of research in Dr. Yang’s lab is agricultural sustainability and how it may be affected by the increasingly changing climate, to which agriculture contributes significantly via intensive practices and land expansion. Dr. Yang is an associated editor at several international journals, such as the International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment.



Recent Publications


  Jungers J*, Yang Y, Fernandez C, Isbell F, Lehman C, Wyse D, Sheaffer C. 2021 "Diversifying bioenergy crops increases yield and yield stability by reducing weed abundance" Science Advances 7(44) eabg8531.

  Yin Y, Zhao R, Yang Y, Meng Q, Ying H, Cassman K, Cong W, Tian X, He K, Wang Y, Cui ZL* Chen X, Zhang FS. 2021 "A steady-state N approach to sustainable smallholder farming" PNAS 118 (39) e2106576118.

  Liu B, Gu W, Yang Y*, Lu B, Wang F, Zhang B*, Bi J*. 2021 "Promoting potato as staple food can reduce the carbon-water-land impacts of crops in China " Nature Food 2 570-577.

  Yang Y*, Hobbie SE, Hernadez RR, Fargione J, Grodsky SM, Tilman D, Zhu YG, Luo Y, Smith TM, Jungers JM, Yang M, Chen WQ. 2020 "Restoring abandoned farmland to mitigate climate change on a full earth" One Earth 3(2) 176-186.

  Yang Y, Tilman D*, Furey G, Lehman C. 2019 "Soil carbon storage accelerated by restoration of grassland biodiversity" Nature Communications 10 718.

  Yang Y*, Reilly EC, Jungers JM, Chen J, Smith TM. 2019 "Climate benefits of increasing plant diversity in perennial bioenergy crops" One Earth 1(4) 434-445.Paper 3

  Yang Y, Tilman D*, Lehman C, Trost JJ. 2018 "Sustainable intensification of high-diversity biomass production for optimal biofuel benefits" Nature Sustainability 1 686-692.


Projects, Patents, and Awards


  Brain Pool Fellow, 2021, National Research Foundation of Korea

  Hongshen Young Scholar (B), 2020, Chongqing University

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