Scientific andTechnological Research

In the last decade, more than 200 national research programs such as National Science and Technology Major Project,National Key Technology Support Program and Key Project of Chinese National Programs for Fundamental Research and Development (973 program) were successfully obtained by the college, and scientific research funds was about 880 million yuan (443milion from the country),including: nearly 20 programs with the funds over more than 10 million yuan,3 Chinese National Natural Science Foundation programs and 10 international collaboration research programs. More than 40 national or industrial standards, policies, laws and regulations, such as the Evaluation Standard for Indoor Thermal Environment Conditions in Civil Buildings(national standard),the Evaluation Standard for Green Industrial Buildings (national standard),the Code for Design of outdoor wastewater engineering and the Code for Design of outdoor water supply engineering were completed; 42 scientific awards including the Science and Technology Progress Award from the Ministry of Education of China, the Science and Technology Progress Award from Chongqing Government and the National Architecture Science and Technology Award were won.