Graduate Education

SUCEE has a reasonably structured and high-quality faculty team. At present, there are 51 Ph.D. supervisors, 115 Master Degree supervisors, and 93 teachers for professional degrees from other universities (including 53 graduate supervisors and 40 practice faculty advisors). There are 840 full-time postgraduates (including125 doctoral candidates, 360 academic Master’s degree candidates, and 355 full-time postgraduates for professional degrees), 30 foreign students, 300 Masters of engineering, and 78 postgraduates enrolled in collaboration with the University of Hong Kong.

Reserch platform under National “985 Project”

Three Gorges reservoir water safety and ecological rehabilitation techology innovation platform

National Key Discipline under “211”Program

Urban Living Environment Science and Engineering

Provincial and Ministerial-level Key Disciplines

Environmental Science and Engineering

Civil Engineering (including second-level discipline: Municipal Engineering, Heating, Gas Supply, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Engineering

Centers for Post-doctoral Studies

Environmental Science and Engineering

Urban Environmental and Ecological Engineering

Engineering Doctor Programs

Energy and Environmental Protection