Education Achivements

During the last 6 decades, the college has made remarkable achievements in teaching and talent training and been awarded several kinds of the honorable title of national and provincial advanced and won awards in various national competition. More than 17,000 doctoral, master, undergraduate and junior college students have been cultivated by the college. The students went to work in various fields after their graduation, and many of them have made outstanding contributions. Ren Zhengfei et al. became prominent entrepreneurs. Huang Xia, Yao Runming, Liu Shuli, Tan Qian et al. produced significant scientific researches in schools. More than 20 deans and chief engineers of famous design institutes in China, such as Li Yanchun ,Zhang Kuan and Pan Yungang, were graduates from SUCEE. There are other excellent students like the runner-up of Miss Universe, the champion of national dunk contest, the winner of top 100 outstanding undergraduates of China and so on.